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Our Mission

Enabling UK growers to disrupt the £6BN horticultural import market

At Ginium we are proud to be enabling UK growers (new & existing) to displace the food import market with locally produced goods. We do this by enabling climate & seasonally agnostic growth using indoor farming.

Vertical farming solves many issues with food growing in the UK. It is season-less, climate-change proof, requires less land than field based agriculture and creates year-round employment rather than seasonal labour. Using science and technology these issues are overcome while improving crop yield and quality.

Vertical farming systems have historically been complex and expensive but with Giniums' support it can be simple and cost effective.


The support you need to prolong growth season, improve yield, and, diversify profit

Hardware - Software - Support


Ginium provide hardware for controlled growing. Our hardware suite includes, LED control for any grow light on the market, automatic hydroponic dosing control, ambient climate monitoring, even growth monitoring camera systems


Our specialist software package removes the need for any specialist knowledge of indoor growing. With a simplistic touch panel just tell us how your plants grow best- our system will do the rest.


Ginium succeeds when UK farms succeed. Through our specialist guides and 1-2-1 advice we will help you decide on the best system for your needs and we will be there every step of the way. To answer your questions, recommend systems and suppliers, aid in set-up and guide you to become a farm of the future.
We are always honest with our customers and will even say if we think indoor farming is the wrong move for your business.



Our growing portfolio of happy customers


Cornish Plant Factory

We have worked with the Cornish plant factory for over a year now, enabling them to conduct research into plant growth behaviors under different lighting conditions. We have installed lights and bespoke control and safety systems at their plant factory.

University of Plymouth

In October 2019 we upgraded the University of Plymouths' crop disease research (FIND) facility to include frequency specific LED grow lights and an easy to use touch control panel. This meant no more over-complex manuals for setting up experiments and a greater capacity for research.


Cornish Essential Oils

We have just started defining a project with a development partner. Cornish essential oils needed a way to extend their lavender propagation season without breaking the bank. We are working closely with them to achieve this.

We take pride in our projects and the partnerships we form with our clients. No matter the size, budget or strangeness of the project we want our customers to be 100% happy and get the systems that are right for them.



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